Bridgwater Labour Party has been the driving force in Hamp politics over the years. The Ward has been a solid Labour bedrock of support and this has been reflected by the influence that Hamp Labour politicians have had in Local Politics and the Bridgwater Labour movement over the years.

In 2011 Bridgwater Political divisions were re-organised and the Hamp ward reduced to the area around the Old Hamp estate while the Taunton Road from Rhode Lane to the town was added to the new town centre Westover ward.

Former Hamp councillors,Kathy Pearce & Brian Smedley, who livedin the Westover ward  were elected in 2011  whilst  the new HAMP Ward saw the election of long serving councillor John Turner on the Town Council along with Arian Moore who also stood and was elected for District with Steve Austen.

All 3 councillors are Hamp residents

JOHN TURNER is Bridgwater's longest serving councillor - an experienced former Borough councillor , one time Mayor, Trades Union leader at Cellophane and Parliamentary canddiate . He is now a Hamp Town  Councillor.

Adrian was born and educated on Hamp and still has many of his family living on the estate.
Adrian has previously served as a District, County and Town Councillor for many years including 3 years as  Bridgwater Mayor . He is an active carnivalite and knows how important carnival is to our town.

Adrian has said that he will work hard to rejuvenate and bring back the community spirit to Hamp and knows that the council must do more to bring jobs to Bridgwater .He supports the re-building of the excellent Robert Blake Science College and Elmwood School as one way of creating local employment and improving local facilities for our young people.
Steve Austen moved to Somerset 25 years ago and has lived on Hamp for the past 14 with his wife Stella. Both have previously worked for Sedgemoor District Council for many years and have witnessed the waste and political indecision first hand.

Steve is a trustee of the Hamp Community Association and Bridgwater YMCA who have just completed a new sports and fitness complex for all residents of Sedgemoor;.

Steve, who has been involved in the local community for many years and has helped many people in this time, knows that the local Council should be doing more for Bridgwater.   


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